PAPOP Co., Ltd.

The leader in renewable energy and environmental management

Established in 1991, Papop Co., Ltd. has a vision to be the leading service provider for advance engineering technologies in both renewable energy and environmental management. We invest in our R&D continually in order to accumulate our own unique technological solutions and knowledges, which we believe to be amongst the best in the field in term of providing the positive results as well as in cost benefit factor. Our innovations are designed to be fully benefit to the society as a whole and cause the minimal impacts to the environment and surrounding communities.

Presently, we have expanded our network to accommodate an increased demand for our services as well as able to serve wider range of clients and maintain the level of high satisfaction in our services. Our current networks are included:

  • P & PAPOP Renewable Co., Ltd.
  • PAPOP Renewable Co., Ltd.
  • Panawat Renewable Co., Ltd.

Company Address

43 Soi Prasert-Manukitch 5, Prasert-Manukitch Road, Jorakaebue, Latphrao, Bangkok 10230 THAILAND
-- Telephone (+66) 2 570 5580

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