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Papop visited 9 amazing biogas power plants in Europe to update new technology 

Apipong Lamsam (D Eng), Managing Director of Papop Co., Ltd. was invited to visited 9 biogas power plants and 4 manufacturing plants in Europe on 1st-4th August 2023. He travelled to Germany, France and the Netherlands to see the most updated green technology and best practices. 


During the visit, he has seen state-of-the-art equipment for CSTR which include side wall mixer, top mounted mixer, submersible mixer, screw press, hammer mill separator, ammonia stripping tower, biogas supplement with trace element and biogas gensets.  


Most of the biogas plants that he visited utilized cow manure and energy crop as the main feedstocks. The products from biogas plants consisted of electricity, hot water and liquid fertilizers. 


Papop team has gained tremendous valuable experience from this trip. We are ready to apply this knowledge to enhance biogas industry and renewable energy industries in Thailand. 

Our special thanks and sincere appreciation go to Frank Paulmichl (Fritz Paulmichl GmbH) and Andre Pierre Berliner (ThaiGer Engineering and Service Co., Ltd.) for their kind support and cooperation for this trip.