Our Products

Think Biogas, Think PAPOP.

Papop have been developed and invented many innovative products regarding renewable energy and environmental aspects which tailor-made to suit our clients requirements and needs, and in return adding the value and increasing the sustainability to the industry as a whole. Currently, we can offer a variety of systems that are suitable for various industrial sectors such as

  • Biogas from industrial wastewater system
  • Biogas from industrial solid waste system
  • Biogas from community waste system
  • Wastewater treatment system for plants and industry community
  • Wastewater treatment system for community and large scale building
  • Biogas Quality Treatment system (H2S Scrubber)
  • Double Membrane Biogas Storage system, and
  • Glass Fuse Reactor system

We realise the importance of establishing the sustainability in every industries. Our policy is to provide the best products and technologies to meet with the clients’ demand as well as the international criteria. This can be reflected in our operations as follow

  • Expert in combining high performance bio-technologies to suit every scenarios in order to yield out the best possible results for clients
  • From our intensive R&D, we have established our own know-how and able to choose a variety of technologies to suit clients’ needs such as Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB), Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR), Sulphate Removal Reactor (SRR), IC, DN/CN, and Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR), and so forth
  • Our technologies are developed with the sustainability and cost effectiveness in mind
  • Our teams have experiences in managing the wastewater treatment and biogas projects in more than 20 type of industries, rest assure that we can deliver exceptional services to clients’ industries
  • Firstclass After-sale services

What we have accomplished so far

Ethanol and Liquor
6* Projects
Tapioca and Rice Starch
30* Projects
Palm Oil
5* Projects
Concentrated Latex
3* Projects
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
1 Projects
Frozen Food
4 Projects
Canned Food
4 Projects
Pre-cooked or Ready to Cook Food
1 Projects
Bakery and Cake
4 Projects
Canned Fruit and Vegetables
1 Projects
1* Projects
Poultry’s Meat Production
1 Projects
1 Projects
1 Projects
Juice and Beverage
2 Projects
Citric Acid
1 Projects
2 Projects
Community Wastewater
1 Projects
Hospital Effluent
22 Projects
Hotel Effluent
1 Projects
Petrochemical (Research and Development)
1 Projects
Municipal Solid Waste (Research and Development)
2 Projects

** Data as of November 2016

* The winner of ASEAN Energy Awards and/or Thailand Energy Awards

Why Choose PAPOP?

We aim to be the best
  • Development of innovative technologies through advance R&D continually.
  • Over 20 years of expeiences in various industries.
  • Over 80 successful projects in Southeast Asia.
  • Providing discount to existing clients for future and/or extended projects.
  • The Winners of 5 ASEAN Energy Awards and 7 Thailand Energy Awards (as of 2012).
  • Flxible project implementation such as Turnkey, BOOT, BOT, BOO and Consultancy.
  • Providing consutancy on applications of promotion for investment, soft loan, and any relevant government permits.
  • Providing consultancy on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects.