of Papop

UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket)

This system was created and promoted for Thai market by Papop since 1995. We are the first Thai company to do R&D for this process. Until now, we have sold more than 30+ completed UASB reactors in Thailand and SE Asia. This system is suitable for medium to high strength wastewater from the following sources.

• Native and modified starch industry
• Food processing industry
• Ethanol and liquor industry
• Other high strength wastewater with little fat, oil and grease and other microbe inhibitors


CSTR (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor)

This system is suitable for the following industries.

• Energy crop (Community Power Plant Project)
• Palm oil mill
• Organic fraction of municipal solid waste
• Other wastewater with high fat, oil and grease and suspended solids.

Solar power plant

is highly suitable for all kind of facilities that consume power during the daytime and want to reduce their power bill by applying clean energy such as

• Factory
• University
• Hospital
• Shopping mall

Membrane water reuse

This system is suable for:

• Leachate Treatment Plant
• Water reuse/recycling
• Zero liquid discharge (ZLD)
• Other industries where effluent discharge is prohibited due to the stringent regulations

Membrane filtration system-2

H2S Bio-Scrubber System

This system is an important component for biogas clean up prior to utilization in the following applications.

• Power generation
• Replace fossil fuel in the boiler
• Enhance efficiency, safety and following the regulations on stack emissions.

ADF (Advance Dry Fermentation)

Advance Dry Fermentation is highly suitable for:

• Organic fraction of municipal solid waste
• Cassava pulp

Nitrification Denitrification

This system is suable for the following industries.

• Rice processing mill
• Seafood processing
• Food processing
• Other wastewater with high TKN or protein


DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation)

These processes are suitable for sludge from the following industries.

• Wastewater treatment
• Food processing industry
• High fat, oil and grease wastewater


Screw press, sludge dewatering

This system is suitable for the following industries.

Screw press

This equipment is suable for the following systems.